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Maya Fowler

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Hip Hop Lyrics a Boost for ESL learners: Hayibo tribute #2

At a star-studded event in Los Angeles last night, influential hip-hop artist Six-T-Nine was awarded a lifetime achievement award for service to male gonads worldwide as well as for keeping deeper lyrics and musical innovation away from the public.

During an emotional speech, Nine said he just wanted to thank Jesus, his homeys and his mother, without whom “none of this motherfucking success” would have come his way.

Nine, who has been suffering ill health over the last several months after being seriously injured in a one-on-one gunfight with former producer 2-2 Cool, wiped away the tears as he expressed his appreciation for the new generation who were “carrying on the torch”. He called to the stage Flo Rida, who currently has a Top-40 hit with “Whistle”.

“Iss brothers like my man Flo here who gonna carry on the tradition,” he said.

The upset of the evening came after Flo Rida’s performance of his current hit (a tribute to Nine) when Pink took to the stage and deviated from the programme. While she had been expected to perform a remix of “Get This Party Started”, she shocked the audience with a new composition called “Wanna Kiss My Ass?”

Flo Rida's hit "Whistle" has been called "a godsend to teachers of English as a second language".

In a post-performance interview, Pink revealed that she had wanted to call it “Wanna Munch My Carpet?”

“Yeah, I like being, you know, reactionary, so I was like, what the, excuse me, fuck, you know?” She explained she had found nothing to rhyme with “carpet”, which led to the new lyrics. “Which was, like, great, you know, cos at least ass rhymes with crass, know what I’m saying, Flo?”

Teaches students useful colloquialisms and terms like “boobies”

Meanwhile, tributes have been pouring in from across the globe from grateful fans and ESL teachers alike.

Shirley Masters, professor of Pedagogy at UCLA, explains that the repetition and rhyme found in hip hop are a godsend to teachers of English as a second language.

“Let’s take a look at Flo Rida, as he’s really topical right now. Those lyrics go like this: ‘Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby let me know … Can you blow my whiste baby whistle baby here we go’. I mean, that kind of thing is invaluable when it comes to teaching pronunciation, and then of course repetition is always an excellent brainwashing, I mean, memory enhancing, tool.”

She further cited Usher’s song “Oh My Gosh” as another good example of the same, for the lyrics “Honey got a booty like pow-pow-pow, honey got some boobies like wow-oh-wow.”

Says Masters: “This music teaches the foreign student useful slang and colloquialisms like ‘wanna’ and ‘gonna’, as well as words like ‘boobies’. These are things your average first-language speaker learns in toddlerhood, but now, thanks to these artists, everybody has access to a wide range of terms for the female anatomy. It’s democracy, in a manner of speaking.”

A boost to self-esteem

Bill Wright, a teacher at a New York college that preferred to remain unnamed, added that the lyrics must further be praised for their accessibility. “I remember teaching in the seventies and eighties, and I’d play the students what was hot back then, you know, Abba, A-Ha, and I’d tell them, hey, you know, these guys aren’t even English, but they wrote these words themselves! You should have seen the dropout rate. Students became despondent and listless. Their self-esteem plummeted. With today’s music they’re much more confident, and we know now that success is related less to intelligence and more to confidence, so it’s important to keep students on that path.”


Pink's new single "Wanna Kiss My Ass?", her response to hip-hop artist Flo Rida's "(Can You Blow My) Whistle" caused an uproar at an awards evening in LA last night.


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